Halloween trick or treat cards

Halloween is a happy time in our neighbourhood. All the neighbourhood families get together in a local park for a casual picnic, then we hit the neighbourhood streets for some trick or treating.

I know that Halloween isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t want a bunch of noisy kids knocking on their door and not everyone is prepared with a huge bowl of sweets and treats.

So, to make it fair for any neighbours who want to opt out of the festivities, we usually drop off some trick or treat letterbox tags to every house in our surrounding streets a week or so before Halloween. Not only does it give these neighbours a bit of notice to let them know that they may be besieged by a group of tiny fairies and superheros, but it also allows them to diplomatically go out that evening or keep their blinds closed! 🙂

This year, I’ll be using these trick or treat tags:


Once I’ve cut them out, I punch a little hole in the top of each one, then thread a length of ribbon or string through. Just enough to allow a neighbour to tie it to their letterbox or front door. Then, as we go around the neighbourhood on Halloween night, our group only visits houses that have the tag outside.

Have fun!

Love, Steph


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