Clothing labels for kids drawers

At the moment, my girls change their outfits several times a day. And every time they get changed, they throw their clothes on the floor until their room is a real mess.

So, to help keep things under control, I developed a new wardrobe system, which they helped put together.

First, I printed out labels with pictures of trousers, skirts, dresses etc. Then, we sorted all the clothes into storage boxes, and stored them in the cubby-holes in their bookshelf, with a label attached to each box. Now, they can easily put away their clothes and they’re not all over the floor!

I attached my labels with double-sided sticky tape, but you could also laminate them and glue them on. Or use blue tack if you don’t want to damage painted drawers or cupboard doors.

Have fun!

Love, Steph


One thought on “Clothing labels for kids drawers

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